Designed By Nature Poem by Francis Duggan

Designed By Nature

Rating: 4.6

The bigger predators on smaller creatures do prey
Their way of survival that is Nature's way
Designed by Nature for to live on meat
And doomed to die of hunger if they cannot kill to eat
Save for herbivores in Nature the big eats the small that is always the case
But those born to be prey are usually quicker and their hunters outpace
The prey animals weed out the aged and sickly and with more available feed the young and strong do thrive
Few of those born to be prey to die of old age survive
Where the strongest are those who are born to rule
In Nature there is no such a thing as cruel
She supplies her creatures with every survival need
The predator has fierceness and strength and the quarry has speed
Some born to live in water and on land and some born to fly
And creatures born to be preyed on even killed in the sky

Roseann Shawiak 10 January 2016

All is connected, one species lives off of another, humanity being the largest predator. Very well articulated, a meaningful poem on nature and life. Thank you for Sharing. RoseAnn

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Unwritten Soul 07 December 2015

Food chain in nature, its nothing we can do because as you said...its naturally designed...its beautiful and amazing things when we ponder how system works...when we look at human...we can be prey or predator not because of size, but because of mind that set heart to act, although you wrote beautiful poem about environment but it does inspired me in many way...definitely this poem was beautifully designed by nature inspiration :)

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Achill Lad 25 September 2014

Another interesting piece. You forgot to mention that the most efficient predator on this earth is man. A good write, so much truth here.

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Chinedu Dike 05 September 2014

Great title. Highly imaginative. Well articulated. It's the survival of the fittest. I love this poem. Kudos!

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Mike Monahan 18 December 2012

Nice one Fran! ! You are very attentive to your environment!

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