Distressful Homonyms Poem by Vikram Seth

Distressful Homonyms

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Since for me now you have no warmth to spare
I sense I must adopt a sane and spare

Philosophy to ease a restless state
Fuelled by this uncaring. It will state

A very meagre truth: love like the rest
Of our emotions, sometimes needs a rest.

Happiness, too, no doubt; and so, why even
Hope that 'the course of true love' could run even?

Thyris Taylor 29 June 2012

I like this poem. Not too long or short. poetic expressions and rhymes, and a clear message. I don't happen to agree with your message but it is clear and that is what is important to me.

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Vhonda Moore 15 March 2009

I agree with the previous comments that this poem is genius but just a question about line 2 - 'I sense I must adopt a sane and spare.' Is it me or should 'sane' be 'seine' here....or is the author intentionally 'distressing' me by mixing up the homonyms sane and seine in this instance. If I'm totally wrong, what is the understanding of that line with use of the word 'sane' in it? ? ?

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Catastrophe King 10 August 2006

Hey.... This is amazing... very well written.... I feel I am toooooo small to comment on such a HUGE talent.

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Susan Williams 28 January 2016

Wisdom in a heart-aching time should be counted courage. Exceptional!

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Kee Thampi 29 June 2014

a simple but noblest poem

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Kee Thampi 29 June 2014

a simple and noblest poem

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* Sunprincess * 29 June 2014

..............congratulations on poem of the day....read this one more than once...

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Michelle Claus 29 June 2014

Enjoyed this very much

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Vikram Seth

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