Interpretation Poem by Vikram Seth


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Somewhere within your loving look I sense,
Without the least intention to deceive,
Without suspicion, without evidence,
Somewhere within your heart the heart to leave.

John Hardesty 03 July 2013

Deception comes in many forms, and spews all languages as well!

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Tathagata Mishra 03 December 2015

"Somewhere within your heart the heart to leave." Eloquent.

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Gajanan Mishra 18 December 2012

Somewhere within your heart. Thanks for the poem.

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Ratnakar Mandlik 28 January 2016

Short and sweet beautifully penned poem. Thanks for sharing.10 points.

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Edward Kofi Louis 28 January 2016

With a life to live. Thanks for sharing.

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Sowjanya 25 July 2018

Nice poems

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Manonton Dalan 28 January 2016

we do have variable interpretations

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B.m. Biswas 28 January 2016

a subjective feeling...but all about objects and abstract ideas and feelings of concrete hearts of concrete human beings.... a lovely and realistic understanding...

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Susan Williams 28 January 2016

Oh! This was lovely even presaged the leave-taking that he sensed. Really captured my attention to your excellent attributes as a poet, Vikram Seth

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Savita Tyagi 28 January 2016

Beautiful. Keen observation of unspoken feelings....only felt by heart.

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