Do You Know Your Worth? (C) 7-10-2010 Poem by Zahir Kijani

Do You Know Your Worth? (C) 7-10-2010

Do you know your worth?
Your last relationship was with this boy that was mighty fine
And you felt divine every time you’d see him shine
For many other girls they had to stand in line
With no reservations because only you and him could recline
You introduced him to everything in you
Welcomed him into your venue
Served him without an order placed from a menu
The spark of passion between you two was so sensu-ally
Idyllic but you began to miss him and intui-tively
You began to believe you misjudged if he wanted you sensually
Or sexually, was he after you mentally, or visually
Without a care for what you’ve done to pursue his feelings
To direct towards you and now you’re thinking
Without him what is your worth
I know it hurts
And you tried to go to church
To soothe the pain but what was it worth
Blinded by hyperbolized praises, so prayer didn’t work
Tried to regroup with parties from your friends’ visual amusement and mirth
But was simply demanded to shake it and show the boys the way you can twirk
So what are you worth?
I can see clearer now without the use of an eye glass
Yeah I’ve struggled too in my pass but my anguish bypassed
And by pass I mean like a night flash
For the moment its there but I knew it might last
But the only way it might last is if I widen my eyes to the fright casted
Upon me but wouldn’t that only blur my vision under an eye glass
I know what I’m worth!
For I’m the one that made the glass shatter
What does it matter?
You wouldn’t ask the reason to run home to a batter
So if the ball is in my park I too can hit it flatter
Than when two sheets of wide ruled gather
I’m no Mad hatter but my hat’s madder
Because it knows I no longer need it to hide my crown to get at her
I know my worth!
My crown is to show my regal sensibilities
Physically and mentally
You can even add spiritually
If that’s the reason she’ll get to me
I can see your worth, just give me the chance so you can see.

Zahir Kijani

Zahir Kijani

Buffalo, New york
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