Zahir Kijani Poems

Hit Title Date Added
4ever My Friend (C) 3-29-2007

4ever my friend you will always be
And you'll always be the number 1 girl to me
I know we've known each other 4 so long
And the friendship we've built has always been strong

Land Of The Free (C) 3-29-08

Land of the Free home of the brave
Land of disease home of the slave
Freedom of religion Freedom of speech
Freedom of press and freedom to breach

Domestic Abuse (C)8-12-07

Thrown to the floor punched, slapped, and bruised
Give me all your stuff is another way to be abused
Being verbally raped with the words that will never be forgiven
Smacked in the face so much you just want to stop livin'

E-Lover (C) 6-25-07

We spend so much time together even though I've never seen you in life
We talk to each other day and night but not by phone it's by type
We've seen each other before but we're always standing still
People hate me because I love you so; some don't even think you're real

Cloud Of Tears (C) 10-1-09

The tears poured down my eyes past my face and into the air
But they stopped from the heart of anger and evaporated forming a cloud
Overhead it poured down with all my memories of sorrow and pain
Completely black Nimbus pour down like Niagara falls

I turn away the diamonds in her blood
To try to guess the texture I really wish I could
It takes a lot in order for me to get the feelin'
To see how a liquid can be the cause of all the killin'

Answer Me (C) 12-19-09

Even though I love you there's something I can't contain
This feeling of utter disappointment and of some undying pain
It doesn't seem to go away no matter how hard I think it's not
Because in this web of love it kinda seems like I'm caught

As Time Goes By (C) 6-17-07

I wait and I wait to here what you say
Wonderin' when you're gonna answer me
I sit and I sit all through the night and the day
Still wondering when you're gonna answer me

Come Back (C) 3-4-09

In a crowded world where the occupants in it are dull and bland
Eagle sight over the world but still I see you like a diamond in the sand
I'd like to have our relationship completely restart
Give me Cupid's bow so that I can take another stab at your heart

I'll Always Love You (C) 3-17-08

When the sea turns to air and air inhabits the sea
When I go back in age and turn to three
When maximum becomes less than mini
When a dollar becomes less than a penny

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