Cloud Of Tears (C) 10-1-09 Poem by Zahir Kijani

Cloud Of Tears (C) 10-1-09

Rating: 4.8

The tears poured down my eyes past my face and into the air
But they stopped from the heart of anger and evaporated forming a cloud
Overhead it poured down with all my memories of sorrow and pain
Completely black Nimbus pour down like Niagara falls
Thunderous sounds from anger and hate clapped between the cloud
No longer crying from my eyes but my tears pour just as rain
Constantly raining upon me but I remain dry oxygen squeezed from my throat
My voice can no longer speak
All my tongue is used for is taste no longer enunciating Ts
My ears are still for its purpose only to hear
I pity them because they are the bearers of the insults and belittlement
But they cannot fend for themselves, they can only continue listenin'
Can fight no longer my knuckles still bleed from the pain of many men
I can’t do it its not what I stand for anymore
How do I release my anger, let my voice speak…
I don’t…
I can’t I was told not to but why should I listen
Because to let a fly free only leaves more eggs to hatch
So I just remain silent the cloud above me will do it
So that I no longer have to cry…

Vijay Sai R 06 October 2009

Real outpour of emotions! But remember u always have another chance to prove yourself! nicely written verses...

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left alone and forgotten 13 October 2009

amazing, a perfect picture of emotions 110% No Reason To care

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Aldo Kraas 16 October 2009

This poem is a master piece.

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wild forest- E- 18 December 2009

i like this one..... many emotions in this one.

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Lacey Unknown 22 February 2010

I truly enjoyed reading this. Beautiful. It has so much emotion in. And I would just like to say to anyone out there who may be feeling these pains, there is hope. There is a light at the end of the tunnel... just keep walking forward towards is

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Matt Hunt 06 July 2010

Depression....Death.....Hate......Love broken....Is what I am.....and this poem describes me.....You MAY understand me.

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Hans Vr 10 June 2010

What a great image: tears forming a cloud and the thunder from it giving an expression to your anger, I think you are expressing in this poem a discovery of a great wisdom, not to express anger until it is gone. I agree witht the WOW's from earlier comments on this poem. It is a great piece.

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Rachel Anderson 30 May 2010

great poem, i can feel the different emotions behind it all :)

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Janaiya Stephens 25 May 2010

Great poem. I love how your emotions are varying, I vote 10

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Em Jay Christian 26 April 2010

This is more what I was expecting after reading your Bio. I enjoyed this so much more than the fragmented, crude, aggressive pieces I read before. I like the honesty here, the others seemed to feel more like hiding, putting up an angry front to keep people out. Very nice. Regards, Em Jay

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Zahir Kijani

Zahir Kijani

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