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Domestic Abuse (C)8-12-07

Rating: 5.0

Thrown to the floor punched, slapped, and bruised
Give me all your stuff is another way to be abused
Being verbally raped with the words that will never be forgiven
Smacked in the face so much you just want to stop livin'
Talked to like a lowly child and to him or her you serve
You wish you could just break away this is not what you deserve
You think the days of slavery is over but you're living it today
Then when they're down, they try to kiss you but you push away
And that was a bad move now you're about to get a beaten
Now it's like your dreams of a great marriage has been devoured and eaten

He talks to you very unkindly, she laughs at you in your face
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Sunday, August 12, 2007
Topic(s) of this poem: abuse
Isabella Genova 24 April 2009

That was amazing ans very powerful! I like this poem a lot.

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Sandra Martyres 23 April 2009

This poem is an eye-opener and sends out a powerful message...The 911 reminder is a fitting finale to a great piece...10++ from me Corey

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SAM Mitsuki 14 April 2009

A great poem, great flow, and a tight ending. Its great.

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Tamra Craft 10 April 2009

Great poem, it has a great flow to it. and a great message too!

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Barry A. Lanier 10 April 2009

Loving this 911 advice and a fitting termination to the poem...wish I had thought of that in my poem 'Rape & Revenge'

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Ashley Stone 06 July 2009

All I have to say is Brillant! ! ! ! ! !

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Andrew Matthews 21 June 2009

Hello, I really thought this poem was a great one, very well observed and great skill with the rhyming and rythym. A great poem about an awful side of life, and gives great advice at the end. kind regards andrew m

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Wilma Horne 11 May 2009

Very powerfully written. This should make us aware of what sometimes really goes on behind closed doors. Keep writing. <3

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Hailey Agnew 29 April 2009

not too bad, i liked it. your poems really flow, they're powerful.

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Sally Plumb Plumb 25 April 2009

Hi! This is an upsetting piece. Try my piece 'Domestic'. Take care.

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