Don’t Write The Last Letter To Me Poem by Jolanta Gradowicz

Don’t Write The Last Letter To Me

Rating: 5.0

Don’t write the last letter to me – I’ll die!
Oh, no! It may cause my intense anguish.
And don’t say to me the last “goodbye! ”
I might go mad or do something foolish...

I don’t want to receive your last letter,
So don’t write it at all – don’t waste your time!
There are other things you can do better.
Perhaps I’ll let you write it in a while...

Don’t ask me for the last meeting today -
Could you endure your last words to me?
Keep silent. I won’t hear what you say,
I’ll be deaf and blind, I may not agree…

And don’t call me the last time – don’t do it.
I couldn’t accept what you’ll mean to say.
I’ll confuse it and think you tell a wit.
Don’t kill my love – let it grow weak and pale...

Sandra Fowler 14 May 2006

Very Memorable write. Poignant and eloquent. You are not afraid to give yourself away in words. Warm regards, Sandra

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Geoff Warden 14 May 2006

nice piece I guess nobody really wants that last letter so instead I'll give a number 10

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