Dont Ask Me Poem by krissi b'williams

Dont Ask Me

Rating: 4.9

I was hungry, so we stopped and ate
at some rinky-dink diner that was open late
the jukebox was playing one of my favorite songs
from singer, newton-john
it was called 'nobody'
i started humming out the melody
not realizing the lyrics would soon be fitting to my own reality
but all at once the lyrics came alive
from you, and the song
cuz as our waitress walked by..with her skirt hiked high
and her legs seemed so long
earlier you had complained that you were so tired
but as you took in the view of her
your eyes filled up with light so bright
you were more alert then ever....fully wired
now it makes sense..what you have repeatedly jested about, since the day that we met
but it wasnt a joke it was the truth
when you so often said..'ask me no? s, n i will tell you no lies'
you...have no couth
how could you?
and just then...
the songs chorus..repeated itself again...
'i asked who's that' you said with a smile
oh its nobody' oh its nobody'
that made me laugh and think for a while
as i recalled you sure had alot of nobody's on speed dial
the waitress brought out our drinks
and i watched your eyes sink
lower and lower....slower and slower
from the unbuttoned part of her shirt
to the slit of her skirt
i kicked you under the table, you screamed out
the waitress asked if you were okay...
you steadily stared at her mouth
i got up to put another quarter in
cuz i wanted to hear that song again
she was singing 'nobody' like it was just meant for me....
except this 'somebody' was bringing out our food to eat
i wasnt hungry, i was so full
not on food, but your bull
thats when your your cell beeped, you hit ignore
i asked what you did that for
you replied, its nobody, important, plus its late
and i want to hurry up and finish our date
with my eyebrow raised, i asked you..' are you trying
to get rid of me? '
'theres no use in lying'
i looked from him to the waitress
'im not blind, duh, i can see'
would you like me to leave, so you can answer your phone? '
or would you like me to leave so you 2 can be alone? '
the jukebox played a verse...something like, 'who or whats on your mind'
i repeated it back to him...word 4 word..line for line
thats when you said with asmile
'ask me no questions, and i will tell you no lies'
then when i kicked his shin, again
and said goodbye....
i walked over to the waitress, and whispered in her ear
i bet that guy 50 bucks, that he couldnt get you, to get out of here
on a date or anywhere for that.... fact
ive been dating him for a few weeks
and all he does is cheat
he was one of my best friends, but then we went out
and after that well, you can 4get about, ever being friends again
he likes to date the town, and he likes to play around
but you dont have to believe a word i say
take him up on his offer, and have it his way
i even believe his picks up on women as well as men
but i told him to stop, since his S.T.D. test is not yet in
i laughed and repeated it with a grin...
you'd never know lookin at
that hes probaly got the clapshes heres a benjamin
to go n tell him hes sick
if he even thinks about it
you and him
on a date
could you do me that favor, that would be great
with that the waitress shook her head..and said
'honey hes cute, but he's not worth dead'
she walked over to him, with the bill, and on the back was a note
i had already read what she wrote
'you can go have a good time
alone with yourself, and your preverted mind
and also included the # for the h.i.v line
we both laughed, as i walked away
he grabbed me by the arm
what the hell did you say....
donk ask me...i mockingly replied
gave him a shrug...and said
loose me #, my old friend
and as i said my last goodbye
i yelled out...'ask me no questions...and i will tell you no lies'

Kevin Fisher 12 June 2009

haha its really long and took awhile to read but it was worth it I loved it kinda wanna beat the guy who this was about but it was interesting

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Olympia Melone 11 December 2009

dont ask me, and i shall tell you no lies

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Teresa Babson 29 September 2009

it very familar to just shrug off answers we dont want to give..very comical poem..i like that

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Lady Grace 18 June 2009

your prose is nice..the setting is also in nice place..grace

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yelled out...'ask me no questions...and i will tell you no lies' i will not tell u lies. what a beautiful representatin.....10

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Allan Macli Borges 13 June 2009

wow, it's really long... but very funny too. well writen krissi, it's llike a short storie... i like it so much.

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