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Dream Sweet Dreams

Slumber slumber
dream sweet dreams
and focus on what might have been
of all the loves I held at bay
dreams please let them out to play

Take me to a higher plain
of magic worlds that won't refrain
to let me see and let me do
the things in life I wanted too.

Will Barber 26 May 2006

Can't decide which is better - the beauty of the words, or the message. In any case, I'll dream sweeter dreams tonight. This is gorgeous, for want of a better word. Wait - divine?

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Linda Ori 11 April 2006

Sweet poem, Charlie. In dreams we live the life we hope for, though it is somewhat distorted. I think people know when you dream about them. It's as you say, like living in a different world. Nice. Linda

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Patricia Gale 11 March 2006

Wonderful Charles, a dream is a lovely thing that last even in the mind when your awake. It's the nightmares I dislike. Patricia

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Alice Kriel 27 February 2006

What a beautiful, yet sad poem: perfect for 1am

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