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Dreams And Dreams Come Back To Me

Rating: 3.0

Dreams and dreams come back to me
when I awaken with their threads
like cobwebs feathering past my face.
The visions of lost cities fade quickly,
but an after-image of emotions flutters
behind eyelids. When I close my eyes
I can barely make out faces and places.

Dreams and dreams come back to me
when the aftertaste of some exotic fruit

reminds me of another nibbled
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Friday, October 30, 2009
Topic(s) of this poem: dreaming
Sonya Florentino 08 November 2009

some dreams we need to remember...some we need to forget...but sometimes they strangely intersect....

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Susan Jarvis 05 November 2009

You have managed to capture that fine line between fantasy and reality with all the skilled artistry of a magnificent poet; 'like cobwebs feathering past my face' is a beautiful example. S :)

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Robert Bowers 02 November 2009

You have written a song the wistful heart sings to the soul in the sad passing of days. 'Dream and dreams come back to me... .' Excellent.

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Bonnie Collins 01 November 2009

This is well written with much depth and somehow filled with alot of anxiety of a time in life when it was not as happy. However none the less, you have captivated the mind with the vivid imagery that you have spilled into a vision of a time when suddenly you are happy to have a choice to forget or remember. Writen very well and enjoyed this much.

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Romeo Della Valle 30 October 2009

Dear Lillian, dreaming is part of life and it becomes the foundation of our great inspiration for writing great poems of love, pain and mother nature... well penned poem, you got my vote 10+, hope you have the chance to read my poems titled: 'DREAMING' and 'DREAMS', your comments and ratings will be valuable to me, Love and peace, Romeo

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