Dreams Deceived Me Poem by Misty Heart

Dreams Deceived Me

Rating: 5.0

Dreams deceived me like the stars in the night...
i looked above the clouds and i saw you
standing there.
Just as the stars fall from the heavens,
you came near me...
And I stared at your eyes,
so wonderful as the skies.
You touched my face...
and turned the night to day.
You held my hand...
and all my fears are gone.
I smiled-I saw my freedom in your eyes.
You kissed my lips
and im swept away..
You called my name...
and the clouds turned blue from gray.
You gave me a broken smile,
just then the day turned to night.
But now the stars didnt shine...
as though i drank a poisoned wine.
I knew you weren't there
and stars dont really fall.
Dreams deceived me like the stars in the night...
concealing their brightness,
and now they're out of sight.

Marvin Brato 01 October 2007

A wonderful expression of a wish for someone to love, and be loved back! A soul mate will come at the right time... it is ok to dream for an ideal man but the reality of it has to come naturally. Somebody got to be for someone... your time will come Jessel.Keep dreaming, highest mark.

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