Did I Fail To Love You? Poem by Misty Heart

Did I Fail To Love You?

Did i fail to love you?
If so, then tell me how or when.
The world has forced us far apart
and though a million miles away,
there's not a single day that
you ever left my heart.
Why, in those days of silence
did you think i ever leave?
I tried so hard to ever wait...
while you twist what you believed.
Why, in those times of darkness,
youre the one who filled my mind?
and filled my dreams, my every sleep
just to crush my fears behind.
Why, after all that we've been through
you let go with no 'goodbye's'?
Why, in my downest times you go...
and left me here with cries?
Why, after all the things we shared,
you turned you back from me?
Did i ever fail to love you?
Was i then your misery?
Did i ever fail to love you?
Do tell me how or when...
Coz i can never understand
why you left me here in vain.
And i can never understand
why until now,
youre the one i want to have.
But i guess i never failed to love you...
i never failed to love.

Manonton Dalan 30 September 2008

too passionately written. beautiful poem. thanksmd

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Chris Bignell 02 February 2008

written with strong emotion. good work :)

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