Drizzles Poem by Cigeng Zhang


Rating: 4.7

Lightly drizzling
through the whole night
A whisper of mumbling
like a poet's heart, fit most

Looking outside, the morning
The earth, all wet
O, not tears were glinting
But gemmy stars lit

Friday, October 7, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: rain
Anne Yun 11 October 2016

You surely know what beauty could be! It's drizzling outside, and your poem is whispering to me. Very beautiful new photo, the same with the tenderness of your poem :)

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Cigeng Zhang 14 October 2016

Thank you Anne for your nice comment.So sweet.

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Daniel Brick 07 October 2016

You take a familiar feature of autumn - rain - and express the poetry contained in that experience. You immediately connect the rainfall to poetry: there is a mysterious but compelling connection between the poet's heart and the falling rain. What that is, you leave to the reader to decide! I like the way the rainfall and the poet's feelings are in sync. My view is that the poet finds comfort in that steady rainfall. And the surprise for me is that next morning the poet is still in this mood: she is still one with nature, still looking out into the world as if she is both looking though a window and seeing nature's reality but also looking into a mirror and seeing her own reflection. Your poem speaks to us lovers of autumn! !

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Cigeng Zhang 10 October 2016

Thank you Daniel for your vivid comment.Autumnal drizzle itself is a poem.

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Christopher Tye 07 October 2016

Really lovely poem, gentle drizzle bringing fresh growth and life to the world captured in your wonderful words.

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Cigeng Zhang 10 October 2016

Thank you Christopher for your nice comment.

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