If Poem by McDonald Mbejere


If it's true, what the the say about Love. Then I left my heart in another year. It was much like the present, but he was a different me. And I've lived with the vivid scars for every surgical skill was unapplyed. The puddle of his essence was one beautiful sight. As it trailed from the open cavity, the glow was unmatched.

If it's true, what the say about hate. Then I've showed alot of skill balancing on such a thin line. Do I love me or another me? , their me or maybe your me? . Standing at the crossroad looking glass self. Which me shall I wear today, and will the other still hate as much.

If it's true, what the say about wisdom. Then does all I've known still not grant me a title as such. Does my youth hinder? Let me sit you down and have you witness me count my years. Lets give 20 to when I lost myself, lets give a life-time to when she helped me find me; wandering witlessly in vanity. Oh what such vanity did I drown in. Her, the one that saved my life touched the right nerves and my oxytocin shifted to love. Grew to love. Moulded to love. I tell you this for I was there; And I left her my Heart in the same year. I can walk you to where the puddle still doesn't dry. A puddle of his essence, but I dare not tread there for she shall see I lost my purity. And tainted my soul with vanity again, and return mine Heart to me. And say you, am I unwise for handing my Heart to she who saved my life. Tell me if there was anything more suiting than a Heart that relentlessly beat the rhythm of love in it's purest form.

If it's true, what the say about life. Then I will stand out odd, for mine has been fulfilling. One worth re-living over and over. I never saw the world but these two small towns have been limitless. I found more than I bargained for since that first taste of sunlight at the physician's den in the South. I've known all that makes one wise; Pain & Pleasure, Fear & Courage, Love & Hate. Boy can this soul tell you about Love. But me and me have eternity to tell the untiring story of she who saved my life. And about where we left the relentless Heart that forever beats the rhythm of Love.

Someone very special
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