Each And Every Feeling About Love Poem by Abhay Vignesh Liginlal

Each And Every Feeling About Love

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Every page in the book of my life is filled with love for you
Each day takes me closer to its realization,

Every tree on the wayside sings the same tune to the wind
Each bird flying past makes my love immortal,

Every nomad I meet in my forward stride learns about my love
Each lover from the past reminds me that I’m not alone,

Every love god sends his arrow at some point of time
Each day that follows will be about love alone,

Every minute in your presence is like a lifetime of joy
Each time I’m born I am blessed with such eternal seconds,

Every song I have heard ever since echoes with volumes of lyrics
Each lyric is about your many qualities which stir me from sleep,

Every secret I preserve in me is about my love for you
Each branch of wayside palm trees swing to reveal my secrets,

Every harp I come across vibrates with the music of my memories
Each note forms the letters of your many names,

Every time I read these lines I will hope that you are listening
Each wave fails to carry the message I etch on sand, to your foreign shore.

Wendy Thopliss 10 March 2011

Thanks for the invite, this poem is full of so much love.Well written Abhay.

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