Edge Of Insanity Poem by Spiritwind Wood

Edge Of Insanity

Rating: 5.0

Tortured eyes...I can't see
as my soul burns in a flame
of cold misery
darkness in a land
that you can't tame
who am I to blame
for not feeling the same

Look at my life through a mirror
I see a lonely face
so full of disgrace
but that's not me
in my reflection
he's grown so colder
filling his heart with hate
at the images
of what it use to be

Things are so much clearer
touch me..I feel no affection
as this pain gets nearer
to the edge of insanity

I use to be the man
able to stand tall
and make a stand
like the hero in the night
would'nt give in without a fight

Now these walls are closing in
coming down all around me
my mind can't break free
from this world full of madness
oh, should I live in shame
to take away my sadness

Like lightning
thunder rolls across the sky
my heart pumps blood
so full of anger
that runs through my veins
like a wild child of genocide
think it's too late
to save me from what's inside

I wake from this dream
as I try to scream
while I stood there to watch
it all fall before me
with a demon of suicide
just laugh and take my pride
here on the edge of insanity

Now strapped...
and tied to chains
my soul is trapped
like a animal in a cage
thought filled with rage
trying to escape reality
and all that's decieving
on the edge of insanity

Georgia Girl 02 October 2009

I cannot tell you how much I can relate to this...this is such a great write and would be an awesome song :) 10

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* Sunprincess * 11 October 2015

....beautifully composed my darling friend..these stanzas are amazing...love this ★

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Quin Faas 17 October 2009

This poem flows perfectly deep. The truth and pain come rushing out in vivid Colors in this piece. Another power filled and emotional write from you.

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Apothecary Montague 16 October 2009

Wow, amazing imagery. great poem. i have felt this wave wash over me but thanks to your poem i have seen it and now that i have its number, its days are numbered. thank you

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Pandian Angelina 04 October 2009

Like lightning thunder rolls across the sky my heart pumps blood so full of anger that runs through my veins. Each of us at one time or other have peeped over the edge of insanity and we can see through your eyes what we felt but were unable to word. Your poems are made powerful and striking by your choice of words which pour out of your soul. Great! Angel

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Darkness J 02 October 2009

This is such a great play on words! Life is so crazy like that! I love the poem! Thats exactly where I am right now in my life. I love it! Keep writing!

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