Ace Of Black Hearts

Bronze Star - 2,837 Points (04/17/1984 / Homa Lousiana)

Embracing Betrayal - Poem by Ace Of Black Hearts

Thoughts of what to do next.
Keep me, hold me down.
Kicking and screaming.
A child's long forgotten tantrum.
But I want that.
With no understanding of the gravity of the current situation.
A winding river of contemplation with no exits.
Swimming for high ground but knowing it is already too late.
This time I will drown.
This time I will smile all the way down.
This time is all I have ever had.
And I can not waste it now.
Peeking through the foggiest dust cloud from the ground.
Whats above, whats below?
In the absence of a good show.
A faltering ego.
Recognizing the water is rather deep and no where near as shallow.
A heart drilled out and made hollow.
Just one more gulp, just one more swallow.
Emotions inhaled as I ready the sails.
Waves of energy encompass my very being.
Not with my eyes shall I be seeing.
Walking as a man of the blind.
Give me a cane I'll do just fine.
For the vibrations reach me mere seconds.
Before you speak a word I already know.
Ready to go with my hands tied and body broken.
A whisper in the dark, traveling in a migration.
Why is it we always need a destination?
Somewhere to be at all times.
A penance for an unknown crime.
Well I have endured this punishment for long enough.
And as rough as it might seem.
I'm escaping the upcoming tragedy.
It won't happen me.
And the word repeat as if I'm absolutely certain.
Of all things.
The choice is mine always was.
I can still hear the just because.
Like you describing something that ever was.
An irritating rub.
A feather with tiny spikes on the end.
Bothered but never distracted enough.
Walking on, walking past the pain.
Deliverance from being temporarily insane.
Given a set of wings thrown in a fire and told to fly.
Be careful for the consequences of it could be dire.
Vengeance, in name and disgrace.
A foaming in the mouth to embrace.
Calm hate to stew, put in a pot and given it due.
If patience is the name of game, I have already won.
Over, under, set a blunder.
With cackles of lightening followed by a roaring thunder.
But being a man mercy, I do not seek it.
No attempts will be made to redeem it.
For it wouldn't change a thing for me.
Being place upon a wrecked ship, it still would not be fixed.
So I must just abandon it, and seek refuge.
A shelter from cold.
Just trying to keep warm in a chaotic storm.

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