Eternal Bliss Of The Sapient Mind Poem by Subroto Chatterjee

Eternal Bliss Of The Sapient Mind

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[What's happening in world business is going to happen all the time. Why not? We are humans! ]

Eternal Bliss of the Sapient Mind

Ethics: Your time’s done,
Commerce now plays in the sun.
Business is the Chosen One –
You’re being taught for fun…..

Surely, Wisdom in all its glory,
Must have a contrary story:
Morality has proved to be desultory,
Good practices are h-i-s-t-o-ry!

When integrity goes for a toss,
Profit makes up for the loss;
Now this might appear pure dross,
But you’ve many a bridge to cross.

The ‘seven have-its’ of highly defective people,
Are effective habits made simple,
So you do mock at the evangelical,
And embrace Mammon’s Principle.

Lakshmi’s journey is the destination:
At what price education?
The invisible hand is the motivation;
What’s left for salvation?

There’s misfortune at the pyramid’s top;
It trickles down and doesn’t stop.
At the bottom it gets hot;
Greasy palms at a lot….

Now there’s wonder all round:
The champion bidder is truly crowned;
Specious arguments now abound,
Hypotheses propped on shaky grounds…...

Don’t be done in by the Reaper,
Be thy own conscience keeper;
Even if you might teeter,
Betwixt sophistry and truth-seeker.

Copyright © SC
06th December 2006

G. Murdock 10 October 2009

masterfully in charge of language and amazingly dexterous with verse this poem is a lesson and a pleasure to read.

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Pink Butterfly ... 01 August 2009

This one is simply awesome! Thoughts were expressed so vibrantly! I really enjoyed reading it.... It reflects reality.

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Buscador Del Palabra 21 July 2009

You're a scholar, sir... Del

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Shashendra Amalshan 10 July 2009

this is a thought provoking, poem indeed sir! ! ! 'Don’t be done in by the Reaper, Be thy own conscience keeper; Even if you might teeter, Betwixt sophistry and truth-seeker' and i liked this expressions and rhymes.. adds life into the poem... great write indeed! ! ! ! with love shan

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Wojja Fink 13 April 2009

oh wow........a blissful reminder.....magic.....John

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