Haiku # 2 ‘raining Passion’ Poem by Subroto Chatterjee

Haiku # 2 ‘raining Passion’

Rating: 5.0

Rains can be risky
What with this pouring passion
Can turn one frisky!

10th May 2009
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Anjali Sinha 11 May 2009

yeh that passion can make one risky, frisky and pesky too wonderful creation, top marks-10 anjali

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Fiona Davidson 11 May 2009

Excellent write here...so much with so few words....Fi 10+++

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Good one Subroto! Sensuality comes through with your Haiku! 10 Karin Anderson

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Raj Nandy 13 May 2009

Yes Subroto, from the comments it is evident, it has made people 'frisky' from here to Holland! -Raj Nandy

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Vidi Writes 14 May 2009

One may forget what he heard, But one will never forget how he made to feel. Such is the power of passion. It is frisk, brisk, if too much.. then it is risk... Enjoyed this read.

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Dr Antony Theodore 02 December 2015

Rain and pouring passion............ i liked the expression Pouring passion. thank you dear Poet. tony

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Said so well …I’ve this to say only … 10+ Ms. Nivedita UK

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Samanyan Lakshminarayanan 22 October 2009

we seem to have broken the vessel which holds this rain

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Nikunj Sharma 16 July 2009

rains have come cats and dogs with full energy now shall beat drum

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Smiley Hooker 15 July 2009

amazing...well said! love it! : -)

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