*eternity Of Seasons Beyond Poem by Bonnie Collins

*eternity Of Seasons Beyond

Rating: 2.7

Freshly fallen winters virgin snow
casting small white particles of
angel dust against the pane of
my broken heart

Looking into the white caps of
the evergreens tips, I can recall
the nights the pine would wisper
our names, now only in the cold
blustery wind, can bring to view
the constant reminder of what is now
left to weather out the coldnes you
have left within me

As each new born day came and went
so did the sun rise with it, eventually the
days were now longer enabling the
snow to now thaw and bring forth
a new season filling the valley
below with an aray of freshly
new born flowers of hope

Like the days of the glistening snowcaped
pines, and warmth of the sun that shed its
hope, our love was seasoned, within its own
time of moments that will stay in our own
hearts for an eternity of seasons beyond......

Ana Zaldivar 03 August 2009

Very beautiful Bonnie, as always indeed.. Nice writte: D i missed your poems: P

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C. P. Sharma 11 August 2009

Bonnie, I agree with Karin, this is the best, here the Time comes to stand still till eternity, Lovely poem. Regards, CP

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Bonnie, I think this is one of your very best poems with such beautiful descriptive writing. I could feel the cold and the wind and the flowers of hope and everything else the reader was intended to feel. It is all simply stunning! 10 Karin Anderson

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hye milady.... this is refreshing..... breathtaking... amazing... i love

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Andrew Blakemore 06 August 2009

This is absolutely beautiful Bonnie, one of your very best poems. Wonderful use of imagery. Love, Andrew xx

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Shashendra Amalshan 06 August 2009

Hello ma'am.. you write most lovely poems indeed..this one is very good..Reading these kind of poems always help to relax my mind.. 'Freshly fallen winters virgin snow casting small white particles of angel dust against the pane of my broken heart'... I specially liked above expressions.. from the very first line you capture the reader's heart, then you keeep the mode through out ma'am. that's good.. nice one indeed with lots of love shan

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