Even Life After Death Poem by Misty Heart

Even Life After Death

Rating: 5.0

'In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth...'
These words left the tip of my lips
after reading the first verse of the
first chapter of the first book of bible: Genesis.

My fingers left the pages of the book
and touched the cold windows and seats;
I saw again the wonders of nature
in this first day of the ninth month
of this very year two thousand and six.

'If God made this world...
So this world has beginning.'
And it must end, said some...
Maybe today, or the next, or for generations to come.

And if everything that has start, ends...
if everything that's been born, dies...
Then all things in this wonderful world
will face death and never again shall rise.

But i dont know when i loved thee...
when this feeling ever started.
So if God permits, i'd give all my wealth...
Just to love thee this moment, in this life...and even life after death.

Frank James Ryan Jr...fjr 16 September 2006

JESSEL...A most beutiful, warmhearted Penning, indeed...Constructed with fine detail and smooth fluxed as silk, for a nice easy Read....You most certainly posess the Gift Of The Written Word...''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''FJR

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