Excuse Me, Ms.God? Poem by Mystic Indian

Mystic Indian

karaikal, Pondicherry State, India presently living in Madras, Tamilnadu State, India
karaikal, Pondicherry State, India presently living in Madras, Tamilnadu State, India

Excuse Me, Ms.God?

Rating: 4.6

Are you in the lightness of feathers
Or the wind that makes them dance?
Are you in the wings of the birds of flight...
Or the wind or water that helps them glide?

Are you in the fire behind every desire...
Or in the will that never ends it?
Are you in the passion of every want..
Or in the prayer petition that feeds your passion to fulfil?

Are you in there in the written words...
Or hidden in the silences in-between?
Are you in the hearts of everyone,
Or only in your favourite religion?

Are you in the silence for sound to be...
Or the darkness for light to dispel?
Are you in the calm after every storm...
Or in the calm before it?

Are you in everything that’s responsible for anything...
Or in the choice of taking responsibility for only the rights and not the wrongs?
Are you in the judgement that separates you and I...
Or in the justification of that judgement act?

Are you in there for Lucifer to be...
Or in the creation of more forms to fear?
Are you in the act of making more of us in your image...
Or in the evolution experiment to make us better?

Are you in hiding, outside my state of being...
Or inside where I cannot find?
Are you in there for everything one can hear...
Or in everything that one cannot?

Are you in the sunrise when I feel your warmth.
Or the warmth I seek within when I feel cold outside.
Are you the hunger that makes me want...
Or the contentment that makes me want even more?

Are you in the innocence that I have lost...
Or the reality that ended the innocence?
Are you in every religion made by us...
Or in simple acts of love?

Are you in the touch, sight, sound and smell...
Or in an emotion I haven’t felt?
Are you in the heart that doesn’t beat loud enough for me to hear,
Or in the sight that these eyes haven’t seen?

Are you in the sweetest honey ever found,
Or in a flower yet to blossom?
Are you in what is art,
Or in what that awaits acknowledgement?

Are you in the fresh whiff of unknown fragrances appearing out of nowhere...
Or the intention that brought it to me and made me feel it?
Are you in the flow that goes no matter what...
Or in the surprising bursts of strange sweetness of water?

Are you in the memories I cherish
Or the forgetfulness that keeps sorrow at bay?
Are you there behind everything that is
Or everything that is not?

Are you in the truth that makes belief
Or in the new truths that belie them later?
Are you there when eyes open,
Or when the eyes are closed?

Are you in the first ignition spark of life,
Or in the light after the death of a star?
Are you in the beginning of everything...
Or in the beginning of every end?

Are you in the hum of the deep jungles
Or the after-thought of the next octave?
Are you in the thinking behind any act,
Or in the karma of any cause?

Are you in Life and death
Or the rebirths in between?
Are you in the chaos of it all,
Or in itself all it is..?


wonderfull.... i am reminded of Mahakavi barathiyaar.... in some places....no words aaryaan....

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beautiful. very nice, i liked it. great write.

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Seema(Aanamika) 80 10 August 2009

Great poem, I liked it.Good stat indeed! 10

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Shalini Sundararamalingam 10 August 2009

nice poem, but too many questions....

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Brittney Karasek 11 August 2009

simply amazing. I love it. it reminds me of the things I wish I could write.

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Obinna Eruchie 26 September 2009

Questions about God's presence. Beautiful.

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Rahul Sharma 14 September 2009

GREAT WORK................KEEP IT UP! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

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Ravi Sathasivam 06 September 2009

Amazing. Beautifully written Well penned Enjoyed reading it.

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Mubeen Sadhika 03 September 2009

Its a good narration. Nice to see the composition.10+

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there is a poet in me! 02 September 2009

profound...the stanzas r linked nicely....keep up the goodwork :)

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Mystic Indian

karaikal, Pondicherry State, India presently living in Madras, Tamilnadu State, India
karaikal, Pondicherry State, India presently living in Madras, Tamilnadu State, India
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