Existencial Struggles Poem by obed Souza

Existencial Struggles

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Surrounded by pain and suffering
My eyes … I looked away
Trying to find sense and purpose
My mind confused, my faith gone astray.

Of God a stranger, my soul in tears
I dropped my fears in an ocean of uncertainties
The news on the papers scared me to death
No reason, no meaning, no relieve to my flesh.

Remove the debris, pick up the litter, bury the dead!
Reach for the survivors lying ahead!
Existencial summons, I could not defy
Love is the word I cannot deny.

My cry, my plea “ Am I strong enough to beat this wave? ”
But then, love lifted us up from the grave.

Anjali Sinha 01 March 2009

yeah we often tend to lose our faith when in difficulites--our minds are confused---but then the reason-- the meaning ---love is that word i cannot deny--- beautiful poem dear obed +++++++10 anjali

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ata khan 01 March 2009

Yes, you are more than just 'strong enough' It is a very beautiful poem thought provoking Thanks for sharing, my friend Love ata ps: and i agree 10++++++++

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Shashendra Amalshan 19 May 2009

very true indeed sir, I m still 21, just starting to face life..i too feel afraid when In think about the gigantic waves that's gona crush me in the future..thanks for sharing this words of wisdom 10+

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Noel Horlanda 21 September 2009

True love and profound faith can lift up a soul to heaven but one has to struggle. Well done1

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Sonya Florentino 30 August 2009

beautiful... yes, love can lift one up from the grave.... you may want to correct the spelling of existential although in spanish it is existencial...

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Merna Ibrahim 18 July 2009

Great work...you revealed the greatness of love...! ! thanks alot.

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C. P. Sharma 01 June 2009

Great poetry, Obed CP

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Roshni D'Souza 23 May 2009

l love the wisdom in your work! Thanks, roshni.

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obed Souza

obed Souza

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