Expressions Of The Sky Poem by Priyanka Bhowmick

Expressions Of The Sky

Look at her,
she's smiling now,
when the sun emits its light,
and it spreads over the sky blue.
Birds fly towards her,
some chirp over the trees green,
clouds hang out with its mates,
and gossip some at a place.
Look at her now,
she's turning red,
when anger grabs her,
and she starts bawling.
She's crying now,
showering water from her eyes,
pouring over the heavenly earth,
glittering the trees and birds on their nests.
It's turning night,
she unties her thick black hair,
and spreads over the heavenly earth,
covering with darkness.
Stars twinkling at her,
it's a moment of romance,
the moon peeps from behind,
in a romantic poetic mood,
narrated by the breeze,
that flows on the entire earth,
and listened by me and you.

Indira Babbellapati 04 June 2009

liked the way sky is personified as a woman...

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Fiona Davidson 27 May 2009

Lovely descriptive poem Priyanka....10+++

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rohit sapra 26 May 2009

These are nice expressions, expressed nicely too.

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Malini Kadir 23 May 2009

descriptive.....romantic.........touching your visions of sun and day

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Carol Gall 22 May 2009

beautiful descriptions can almost see it

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