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Extremely Left - Poem by Ace Of Black Hearts

Some would see me as a left extremist, but I'm not, I understand economics very well, I understand why our system isn't functioning correctly. I have no degree to state this but it doesn't make me any less wrong. I have read though enough articles and documents how this or that would fix our system. It is the monetary system itself that is part of the problem, it is the governance of that system that is part of the problem, it is the way our money is both created and distributed that is the problem. They're too many facts pointing all in one direction to ignore. We must open our eyes and see behind the smooth talkers, manipulating anything and everything for there own benefit before it is too late. I don't hate government. I don't hate small business. I'm not an anarchist. I believe they have there place. But I also believe when corruption is in the open and no one cares we have a problem.

Some might think I'm off my rocker, but how do you get trillions of dollars in debt? Where does this debt come from? I recently saw a chart 1/3 of it came from bush era tax cuts for the rich. I heard someone say the corruption is now in the form of consolidation of what little wealth we have left. While that maybe true, I still believe that is in preparation for the second collapse. Or the first one that never really happen. Depending on your perspective. A soften fall by printing money that doesn't exist that's written upon government debt. Be confident people it won't hurt if you keep spending. But what your continuously spending is really doing is perpetuating the cycle of corruption. Providing more money to corporations they can use to influence our government more. Another words the debt was created to give corporation more power. I would say boycott everything if I thought that was possible. I would say lets have modern Boston tea party if I thought we could get away with it. But that method I believe is useless. The only ones I think can stop it are the politicians. Will they though? I doubt it. I have a voice as you do and we must keep speaking. And that is right now my number one objective. Will it solve anything? I don't know, but I must try. So I can say I was not one of those good people who did nothing.

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