Eye For An Eye Poem by Mehta Hasmukh Amathaal

Eye For An Eye

Rating: 4.9

Eye for an eye and blood for blood”
Revenge must be sought even if having no food
it reminds us of primitive days of stone and wood
Many civilizations have swept away or buried after flood,

They are in places where fanatics rule the world,
Day time daily murders with cold blood
Forcible imposition of will to bring them into fold,
To create the formidable cartels for banned drugs and gold,

their main aim is to export violence and terrorism,
Selecting the easy and show the barbarism
Still world sleep and offer limited or no criticism,
there is no sign of iron will to contain fascism,

Only handful of people hold the world to ransom
Sources are know where do they come from?
Still powerful politicians lack will and reel under gloom
when the real spring will come and flowers blossom

Is it right path to be pursued for attainment of goal?
Minting money by extracting diamonds from coal,
All come under one platform with aim to rule,
Preparing for war under new name of terror school,

It is said” if sword is to be drawn”
Then it should never be withdrawn?
Let all heads roll down on the ground
But the noble cause must be very much known,

So much destruction.loss of lives and bloodshed,
Innocents lay killed under the sun without any shed
thousand become homeless and many flee the scene
complete land becomes red and visibly seen

I may not preach violence but see the need to curb,
If countries needed to be told then must be snubbed
It should not be for self interest, national interest
Not to surrender to any pressure or yield to unrest

They will not understand the language of peace
Life may remain paralyzed and not at ease
It will be reign of terror with no where to go
How people can feel safe and try to forgo

Humanity will be at loss and continue to suffer
People may try to impose though others may differ
It is political hegemony which is at stake
They will remain under turmoil but not alert or awake

World may not heave a sigh of relief
If eye for an eye is their ideology and belief
They may call it martyrdom for freedom
They get hold or recognition seldom

World has to wake up to the reality
Must address the problem with sincerity
It may be solved to benefit of all
Peace should be ultimate goal and call

Radha Seth 06 August 2009

old revengful method....10

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Saroj Davde 06 August 2009

old traditional cruel means....10

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Kunwar Patel 06 August 2009

kill or get killed attitude....10

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Suwarna Patil 05 August 2009

old revengful tradition...10

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Kamli Kamal 05 August 2009

very old method...10

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Dr Dillip K Swain 20 September 2021

The first line can be extended into a thesis! Thoughtfully written! Liked it sir...5 stars

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Charlotte Andreski 27 December 2009

an eye for an eye leaves the whole world bling -mk ghandi such a depiction. great write

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Ken E Hall 01 November 2009

Things like this have been going on since man picked up a club cannot see an answer in the near future your poem spells it out so clear thanks for it++++++++10 regards

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Kashi Paul 17 August 2009

ruthless way of tackling the issue...10

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Darshna Chopra 17 August 2009

traditional rival formula....10

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