Faith In Christ Poem by Gregory PierreJerome

Faith In Christ

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Lord Christ I come to you again

My friend thank you, our love shall never end

With you all is love, and will always stand

You law is real and active, true and tactic

To not go by the Bible way one must be a lunatic

My world is a dream, but your light makes it realistic

Christ Jehovah I am assured in you

Faith is love as love is amazingly you

I have nothing now but to praise you

On my knees I surrender and grant you all worship

Honesty, joy with no discrimination, what a friendship

My Heavenly Father CHRIST JESUS, I love you

Sacrifice on Calvary, great victory

Change in spirit, trade of corruptible nature

I am speechless on how you are so almighty

All I needed was understanding of your love, what an adventure

My brother, my shepherd indeed YOU are worthy

I am sinner and still you seek me, what a gesture

Great compassion in your flaming eyes, I give you all the glory

Great peace has those who love your law

In danger our those with their faith in thaw

My Lord your grace is miraculous, your mercy haves no flaw

I fear and have my trust in you for your wrath in raw

Yet again your righteousness is pure and brings me in awe

I love you dearly and your word is my craw

Your love is pure acid which melts sand devil’s claw the scarlet haw

Your law is correction making beautiful all maws from this malicious wind-flaw

I praise you with all you gave me is true harmony

I comprehend with such peace nothing causes me to stumble

Now I know why you made me so humble

I am a champion in your name, I will never crumble

Your word is my footsteps I will never tumble

You are my guideline and will not allow variance nor rumble

I shall obey deliberately in passion of your holy scriptures

You are so adorable, how very applaud-able

My life is your very desires just that simple

Preetam Shetty 11 June 2010

I am sinner and still you seek me, what a gesture.......I shall give you a 10 just for this sentence....Peace be upon you

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A prophetic prayer poem! I loved it! So well penned, Love: D

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