Family Pains Poem by Craig Mize

Family Pains

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She comes to me begging for help
Her eyes are blackened & swole shut
Her lips are swollen & bloodied
With bruises on her body from head to toe
She said that he always beats her
That he been hitting her for years
Her kids has witness the abuse
Her family has endured the pain that she felt
They all want her to leave,
They all say that she should go,
They all say that he will kill her.
But she says that she loves him,
That she'll die for him if she has to,
No matter what she'll never leave him.
She was such a beautiful girl
Filled with hopes and dreams
Now those same hopes, dreams, & fantasies
Has turned into one big nightmare
Her reality is now filled with this abuse
She says that she wants to leave him, but she just don't
She says that that she can change him, but he just won't
I want to help her, but why should I?
When she refuse to even help herself
I hate to see the pain in her eyes,
I hate to see it when she cries,
I don't want to see her die! ! !
He got her brainwashed she got to be
Leaving her love ones hurt not knowing what to do
Praying that she can survive one more day
Hoping that someday, someway that she can just get away

Jac Harper 26 December 2012

I, too have suffered from family pains. NICE, HONEST POEM.

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Craig Mize

Craig Mize

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