Broken Dreams 'a Divorce Story' Poem by Craig Mize

Broken Dreams 'a Divorce Story'

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So many dreams, so many goals, so much potential.
I was suppose to be great, I was suppose to be a success,
I was suppose to something. I was brought up to be a strong man.
These simple problems was not suppose to phase me.
But now every little problem put a little bit of the worlds pressure on
me. I worked hard at everything that I have done. I have put my time,
blood, sweat, & tears into everything good in my life. But in a blink of
an eye everything I worked for was taken away from me. All that it
took was for you my wife of 12 years, the person that said that she
would love me forever, the very woman that told me 'I do.' Decided
that she wasn't in love with me anymore. She took the house, the couch & chairs, the cars, the kids, all of my money, & even the dog.
She left me a broken man, lost with no sense of direction. I was suppose to be better than this. I am suppose to be better than this.
How could I allow one person to hurt me like this, to break me like this?
I was a man with so many goals, so many dreams, so much potential.
Now I'm a man just looking for a way to survive day to day

Sunday, May 29, 2011
Topic(s) of this poem: breaking up,divorce,heartache
David L. Hatton 28 December 2013

I shared some of my poems years ago in an ER where I worked. Soon a co-worker going through a divorce came asking if I would read the verses he wrote- -the first poetry he'd ever written. Divorce is a death, and a grieved death begs expression. Poetry does the job well; this poem of yours, superbly.

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Khairul Ahsan 26 December 2013

Congratulations on your poem being selected as the 'Poem of The Day from a Member'! Well done! You have narrated the sad story very well through your poem. Divorce, although a legal means of breaking a marriage, has devastating effects and can become a menace for the society.

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Kay Staley 26 December 2013

This is written with powerful imagery, but I would consider it more of light stream of consciousness sort of prose instead of a poem because it doesn't rhyme at all. Then ending is the best because survival is an easy thing to identify with.

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Alistair Graham 26 December 2013

One Among Many Who decided, and for what reason only one tile should be a picture tile Bearing the image of a single flower all the others stare barefaced in envy Could it be, that this ceramic square above the sink is a mistake one short of the job perhaps Even the adhesive rejects its presence trying to force it off from behind In the event of it loosing grip and falling dashing its pretty face on the hard cold floor it would finish up as many rough-edged pieces Maybe there is another like it hidden within the row of cubicles along the wall Perhaps the tile does not wish to be different longing only to be without charge But to wish that it is removed is to ask that it be broken

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Putting all your eggs in one basket The same old elemental mistake We are much more than love lost in its casket With will power we can turn and our life remake............ Good poem Sir, but I refuse to believe that every thing about us that brings inner happiness can be mortgaged to a another human being. I welcome you to my page too

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Chinedu Dike 09 January 2017

An insightful depiction of loss of love ❤ and fascination in relationships (marriages) , well articulated and nicely penned from the heart with conviction. Thanks for sharing.

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Loaded with loss love and swimming in the sea of sadess is this poem that flows from a wounded but strong heart!

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Phyllis Strong 26 December 2014

As long as you have breath in your body, THERE'S HOPE!

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Lyn Paul 26 December 2014

How I would love to know if you are back out there reaching your goals and following your dreams. For time can heal. Thank you

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Rajnish Manga 26 December 2014

A poem in which the poet has put his heart and soul is sure to agitate the reader's mind. So much pain and so much suffering in life can make a man lifeless. The typing mistakes can be understood.

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