It's In A Book (Going To The Library) Poem by Craig Mize

It's In A Book (Going To The Library)

Rating: 2.8

The books are everywhere from wall to wall
My fingertips are filled with ecstasy
As my mind is lusting for knowledge
They say a picture is worth a thousand words
So it must be the same with words and vise versa
With every paragraph the images invades my thoughts
I see everything that is happening like I am there myself
Going through all of the pain and heartache, the love and joy
Thirsting to know what else is going to happen next
Growing impatient with my eyes as I read
As my hands is more than eagered to turn the next page
Ready to jump into the next adventure that comes with every chapter
To meet all of the new faces and people as the story goes on
To find out what their reasoning was for doing what they was doing
Hating the fact that with every turn of the page I come closer to the end
Until you come to the end of the book and the journey has ended
You hate leaving but it is closing time the lights are being shut off
But tomorrow is a new day, a new book, and a new adventure

Sunday, June 6, 2010
Topic(s) of this poem: reading,learning
Gita Ashok 07 June 2010

What a great thought indeed! You have given such a brilliant comparison between the library and our lives here. You sure have talent. Keep writing. Thanks for sharing.

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Dr. Eva L. Shaw 15 June 2010

Kept my interest! Very interesting perspective.

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Leslie Ching 15 June 2010

Nice descriptive language and imagery, although perhaps a more creative title could draw the reader's attention more...just a suggestion: P I'm a bookworm too and I'm all too familiar with the feeling of being captured in a suspenseful story. :) Great poem, I enjoyed it a lot, thanks for sharing. -Leslie-

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Adam Reed 15 June 2010

captivating from start to finish. beautifully done!

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Paul Judges 07 June 2010

Nicely done, Craig

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Preetam Shetty 07 June 2010

I completely agree with Mrs. Geeta Ashoik, the way you have moulded life in a form of a book is exemplary

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Craig Mize

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