Fantasy Poem by rinki nandy


Rating: 5.0

You gonna stop staring or not? some thing's gonna be starting or not?
You stood so close, my eyes did close, i stopped breathing as your warm breath melted me,
the look in your eyes rested me,
you stand so tall and your long hands....i wanna wrap them around me,
your legs make you look so inviting, i wanna get them to know me,
kiss those eyes....your mouth looks so sweet....lick them them up....leave my mark on every corner,
lay next to you for a while, look at you powerlessly......
let your hungry eyes touch me....
making me weak with every passing minute,
get your lovable body all over me.....
the cologne at the back of your neck smells so good,
run my fingers through your are so close to me...
i can feel your warmth...feel your strength....
your fingers running everywhere.....i am bathing in the moonlight,
you showering me with your kisses....
ain't a thing left my heart misses,
let me stop you...let me a chance to cherish you...
let me be the one to relish you,
your weight crushing can't stop touching me.....
your mouth rushing me....your love gushing over me,
hear you love me...been fantasizing me....been waiting for senses are fooling me,
your hands craving me....your body wanting me,
another world you are taking heart surrendering smothering me.
your spell is breaking me, your smile is awakening me...telling me....
stop fantasizing more dreaming me,
i say there is no escaping are not answering me,
my closed eyes no longer concealing me....i open them and see no one nearing me.

Joseph Poewhit 26 June 2010

Fast moving words and ideas

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Allemagne Roßmann 27 January 2010

Feels like vampire's fantasy.Ecstatic write and fetish displays.10

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Bethany Williams 16 January 2010

wow. Thats the best poem I ever read.

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Marieta Maglas 28 December 2009

another world you are taking heart surrendering smothering me. nice lyric poem 10

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AtreyaSarma Uppaluri 24 December 2009

Tantalising love-making. I enjoyed every bit of it. Breathless. Beautiful…just how it should be.

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