Farhaud, The Best Engineer Poem by HASNAIN AAQIB

Farhaud, The Best Engineer

Shereen and Farhaud are believed to be Romeo and Juliet of Persia. But historically, it is not so. The true story is depicted in this poem. hasnain

Khusro, the Persian king, once readily ordered

His men to keep all efforts bordered

To cure his beloved, Shereen, the princess

As she ailed and suffered severely with no recess.

All highly learned doctors came to the royal court.

With hefty-thefty, quick and late prescriptions in the fort

Once of them came with an idea of soft-silk

And prescribed to feed the princess only milk

Milk, then as remedy, reached the celestial palace

Gulping big lumps os precious time.

and failed to prosper damsel's face.

New problem stood, new solutions came forward

Till Khusro heard of Farhaud from a bird

Of tongue: so Fauhaud was sent for, indeed

To dig a canal, a history for us to read.

Canal, carved through rocks, from milk's destination

Walked and bounced and ran in a novel fashion

Towards the palace where Shereen lied

With hundred slaves who had her orders to abide

Thus Farhaud, the best engineer, from his flask

Of eternal strength, engineered a healthful task.

Shahzia Batool 05 September 2013

it is quite daring to challenge a version that is assumed to be the original one...though legends are legends, travelling from heart to heart, but it's good that you try to perceive things from your own vision rather than believing the already universally accepted ones...i see a kind of rebel who is in favor of innovation and new interpretations! ! !

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