Autumn In Life Poem by HASNAIN AAQIB

Autumn In Life

Rating: 4.8

Autumn In Life

A man I see, with clothes tattered

Empty stomach, wanting eyes, grey hair scattered

Wealth he seeks not, nor desires any comfort

What he aspires, is his death, to avert.

Stood he, in the midst of my way

Giving his words of a heavenly pray

Slowly, trembling, hi heavy hands rose

With no choice but this way to pose.

'Sir'' humbly he said, 'This wrinkled face

Has once been the sign of baronial grace

And prosperity gladly dwelled at my palace

My neck unbowed standing on fame's terrace.

These were the hands of pride and ego

That let the mercy and pity by me go,

And doped my conscience for an unfair time

That saw humanity bleed, scream in painful rhyme.

Then the wheel of fortune at once turned

And bereaved me of what I had earned;

Wealth I lost, wandered for my own people

Slowly descended my life and became dull.

This day, I am standing before you, my lord,

Mourning my fate, joining time's broken cord.

Now, I sublimate my soul by saying so fair

From zenith, no human for nadir should uncare.

Hasnain Aaqib

Yasmin Khan 20 August 2013

It presents very vivid and realistic characterization, We can see such figures around us especially the addicts and paupers or anyone who is spending a remorseful life. There's a character Of Shakespeare, King Lear: But I am bound upon a wheel of fire, / That mine own tears do scald like molten lead. This is extreme agony that you have depicted well in your verse in symbol of autumn season.

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David Wood 30 July 2013

A sad poem about a fact of life - the poor will always be with us - we have to be kind and give what e can. I invite you to read my poem Alone on the Streets which is similar.

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Lorraine Colon 28 July 2013

This is so beautiful. So much feeling. That last line - from zenith to nadir - sums it up perfectly. We are all deserving of at least the basic necessities of life. Those of us who are blessed with abundance have a duty to care for those less fortunate. I believe this is an unwritten decree. You express yourself beautifully, and your philosophy is also mine.

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Hasnain Aaqib 26 July 2013

I really feel that my fellow poets and critics should comment on my poems, in whatever taste their comments are, they will be welcome. hasnain aaqib

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