A Prophiem Poem by HASNAIN AAQIB

A Prophiem

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Most people ask me, what is a prophiem?
Will you tell us, from where does it stem?

To praise God is to pray Him, I believe
So is about His prophet, you may perceive
Abraham, Moses and Jesus, for their age
Were god's prophets and delivered His message
To the world, and its people that were astray.
Then the last prophet, in Arab, let me say
That sun rose over the hills of Faaraan
And oneness of god he preached, and that is Imaan.
Some words, in his praise, like many I write
Taking my poetic art to its desired height
Just out of love for him, in fact, passion
I tread a path, by others yet not taken.
For such poem in English, I attribute a word
This word, I am sure, no one may have heard.
‘Proph' is for prophet, ‘em' is for poem, joined by ‘i'
I am telling all this, before you ask me ‘why'.
A prophiem wades through the life of prophet
His deeds, teachings, his person, and events he met.
Although on island of knowledge I am an elf,
The coinage of ‘prophiem' I owe to god and myself.

©Hasnain Aaqib

Shahzia Batool 05 September 2013

A confident and brilliant voice with a mystic touch, i call mystic one who seeks for different chances and new ways to try to reach God and Holy figures! ! !

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David Wood 30 July 2013

A delightful poem where you coined a new word. I invite you to read some of my poems.

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S.zaynab Kamoonpuri 28 July 2013

This is a brill fine poem to d prophet very nicely penned. Even Google calls and knows such poems as 'salam poetry or qasida.

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Lorraine Colon 28 July 2013

I enjoyed reading your poem. This coining of a new word is quite clever. And you explained so clearly how you arrived at this word. Truly, an inspired writing

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Hasnain Aaqib 28 July 2013

I would love to invite all poets and critics to read my latest poem A PROPHIEM and pass on their valuable comments and opinions. Thanks. Hasnain Aaqib

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