Untwisted Poem by King Femi Oloidi


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Do not sweat or rain for me,
while I slip and fall to absences.

Do not sob at the gate of my silence;
nor wither in way-keeping in wait for me,
for I am not Jesus.

Do not waste your unclothed tears on the thumbs of my tomb;
for the throne of my grave do not have fears but hears the mocking crocodile affections.

Do not wait for the rebirth of my death,
for I am not red but lead by the loudness of silences.
So I do not slumber nor faint to darkness.

I float in a million clouds, which arouse ray and day.

I play and pray with the rainbow; till it snores to sleep.

I rear my lips for the moonlight;
for it gains heaps of ripened joy from my kisses.

I am! I am!

I am the cozy sun that rains across the morning paradise,
and uplifts the day to crush for the night.

I heal the quarrel within the squirrel of love and the circle of hate.

I glow in the absences of presences,
and flow with the most flawless twinkles that winks at joy.

So don't morn for me,
for I am happier than death.

I wrote this peom for my late lovely brother; Kolawole. Because, I notice the day we went to carry him from the mug, his friend where laughing and charting as if they where planing on a prince party. So it made me wonder and thunder, how cheap death really is. One second your dead, the next minute; people are crying, but in few hours, people start drinking and eating heavily, like they have never eaten before! What a life? So all this inspired me sadly to write this poem. I actually wrote this poem, close to my brothers dead body; in the wagon. I couldn't stand looking at his coupes, so I brought out my phone and starting writing in tears. *sobing* I got to stop here*sobing*
Asif Andalib 27 October 2012

It''s a somewhat dark poem. If you didn't write the notes it would be difficult for me to understand it. Anyway I like it. Keep on writing

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Femi Oloidi 27 October 2012

@ Yoonoos Peerbocus, I purposely used; I am happier than death, and not depth, because,1: Us and death, come handy, it is either death or life, der is no middle life or middle death.2: Poetic licence.

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Bri Edwards 19 November 2012

king, i just read this.. and i like it VERY much. i also like the notes you wrote; they help me know you and your poem. i don't understand all of it............some of that may be because we live in different countries and have different native languages. at least i suppose english is Not your first language. but you did a great job keeping me fastened to the poem anyway. (see next line) i hope laughter and eating and drinking (well, maybe a LITTLE sadness) is there after i die also. i especially liked the parts: I rear my lips for the moonlight........................kisses. and flow with the most flawless twinkles that winks at joy i'll add your poem to my mypoemlist. thanks for sharing. also thanks for your comment on my poem about a lonely cloud. bri

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Femi Oloidi 29 October 2012

thanks Shivani for feeling my feels.

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Shivani Misra 29 October 2012

Feeling sorry for your brother.. But really a nice write.. Well done..

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Femi Oloidi 28 October 2012

Thanks Ketan. That's life; we come we go! But wat matters the most is; what did we leav behind? And how shiny is it? Thanks for feeling my pains! I really loved him like mad.

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Ketan Hukare 28 October 2012

Really, I felt feelings in it. I m sorry about your bro

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