The Universe (An Acrostic) Poem by Theodora (Theo) Onken

The Universe (An Acrostic)

Rating: 3.3


Super bright
Ultra light
Never night


Mostly seen
On days in between
Only the new
And not often blue


Shining in the sky
Twinkling bright in my eye
Always glowing like a Firefly
Radiating splendour from high
Shining sparkles never die

Kelly Kurt 24 March 2015

I am a fan of the sun, moon, stars, and Theo Onken

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Thank YOU Kelly! ! ! 20 September 2021

Thank YOU Kelly! ! ! ! !

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Dawn Fuzan 15 May 2014

Nicely done theo

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Theodora Onken 13 April 2007

...and again I bid you a heartfelt Thank You! So glad you enjoyed it. Love Acrostics. Theo

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Universe 03 December 2021


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Monica Chung 19 March 2020

Theo, what do you mean by " mostly seen one day in between" Do you mean the moon mostl come out at night?

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Butch Decatoria 23 November 2018

I love acrostics too! Lol. These are good ones. Kudos.

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Guy Man Thing 19 April 2018

Moon is not spelt Mooa

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Pamela Sinicrope 10 May 2016

This is a well done acrostic. When I finished reading I had a great sense of your expression, but lost the acrostic. I thought to myself...Where's the letters...they seamlessly wove themselves into your writing. Really well done and I enjoyed this...Thanks.

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