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Final Destination (C) 12-3-09 - Poem by Corey Threet

A young man named Jason walkin down the street pacin
His mind is racin tryna find a way to tell his mom the girl he’s datin
Is the one he wants to marry but he needs his mother’s ratin
He had the perfect ice breaker and debatin but his minds erasin
At his mom’s house was a party and everyone was in the basement
He said he had to go upstairs but managed to sneak out onto the pavement
Like twenty people in his head continued rantin and ravin
This is the girl you want, that you’re not sure you want, just be patient
So he’s goin after the plan to marry but the one not to he’s chasin
But in his heart he knows he’s only nervous it’ll be okay and
All he has to do is show seriousness in his face when
He tells his mom he wants to marry her and he isn’t playin
It’s simple just tell her and get his mom to grant her grace then
Go to the florist and get a dozen plants to plant her face in
Take her to every place they have memories and ask her questions
Keep her mind puzzled until there’re no more questions left in this session
Make sure she remembers all the things that they were sayin
How they’d give the world to wake up to each other everyday and
They will love each other until both of their faces were grey and
They’d climb mountains for their love and hold the head of the dragons they’d slay and
Well you get the point so he looked up and saw that it was about to rain and
He had to get back to his food because his mama didn’t tolerate no wastin
Any food in her house she’d cuss you out into the grave and left adjacent
So in her house into the warmth was his final destination
Some niggaz on the porch noticed Jason in the park pacin
One of the niggaz winked and asked the other for the date and
Said if he gets this kill his crew would be at a higher ratin
None of them tried debatin the liquor proceeded in their mind erasin
One of his boys came around and said he saw a dude climb out a basement
The leader’s mind was only focused on seein his blood on the pavement
So to hype themselves up they began rantin and ravin
One of the others niggaz wanted his head immediate but the leader said be patient
One of the dudes told the leader this was probably someone they’re chasin
They made their mind believe they had a solid reason and it was okay and
Not one of them could wait to see Jason’s face when
They slammed him into the ground and showed him that they wasn’t playin
All of his goons sat impatient and waited for their leaders grace then
Into the ground they’d stomp his face in
Everyone was ready and they were eager to do this with no questions
Tear him limb from limb until in his body there wasn’t any life left in
So now they were about to start actin on what they were sayin
Not realizin this would plague them when they wake and retire everyday and
It didn’t matter that some of them might go crazy after beatin him grey and
Puttin his mother in the hospital from her sons slayin
They could see the clouds begin to burst pourin out rain and
This was the perfect opportunity their time is wastin
Under the stairs he had to walk down the niggaz stood adjacent
And beat him brutally until the grave was his final destination
Ratted out by one of the niggaz now prison’s their placement
But there’s no punishment that’ll take away the fact that Jason’s life was wasted

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