A Random Poem About My Day In The Life Of My Mind 1.0 (C) 12-09-08 Poem by Zahir Kijani

A Random Poem About My Day In The Life Of My Mind 1.0 (C) 12-09-08

Rating: 3.7

I turn away the diamonds in her blood
To try to guess the texture I really wish I could
It takes a lot in order for me to get the feelin'
To see how a liquid can be the cause of all the killin'
I try to break down the root of the concrete door
But not even the rusty banner on the side tore
I try to make my way as I’m dartin' off to class
But the teacher can’t let me in if I don’t have a pass
I’m wastin' time tryna get my eyes to see right past the light
It’s hard when a bloody diamond shines brighter in the night
Or maybe I’m encompassed by the pleasure of the view
I’m still tryna make it though in minutes I only have few.
Maybe I should skip but that'll result in a detention
But knowing me I won't serve it being the cause of suspension
Then I'll be stuck at home livin in my room
Hopefully I can get away without facing doom
I think I need to sprint in order to be fine
The first bell rang and for some reason a sign
I try to yell the teachers name but no one is replyin'
So now I'm contemplatin' on if I should get to lyin'
The second bell rang only a second from the first
And I think I already have an excuse planned out and rehearsed
The third bell is on the edge and I'm making my entrance
I know I'm just gonna get ridiculed for my poor attendance
But wait I'm in and only by the skin of my teeth
But I still got off scott free so I get to gasp and yell sheesh
* Creator - Me, Maxiro Xeniyah
Copyright 12-09-08 ©® Corey Threet

Karen Touzalin 21 February 2010

'I turn away the diamond in her blood', it seems like a random day, but to set your life to poetry cant be random, you need to reveal the source of your inspiration to help the reader to arrive at the destination with you. I'll keep reading the series

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Auty Paul Jason 05 March 2010

I only got one word for this poem no,1 ' Impressive'. My blood start to boil when I read this poem.

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Kassiah Gervaise 09 March 2010

AMAZING, it paints a picture in you're mind and heart...i understand this poem,

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Christina Phan 12 March 2010

very fanastic job and great imagation 10+++

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Zander Pearson 13 March 2010

Creative, very creative. I like it, and it deserves to be in a book or something. I'll read more of your poems. Take a look at mine, if you can. Thx. Good Job.

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Ibrahim Bidu 01 October 2010

I can imagine how it feels like to be in the speaker's shoes

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Sean Mccoy 08 June 2010

I like this one, it seems kind of limited in the printed form. I hope you have had opportunity to read it outloud. It would work as a great spoken word piece.

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Ivy Skies 07 June 2010

You pull me, unseen, your words music on my skin.

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Katherine Wheatley 06 May 2010

GR8! luv da randomosity of it! haha lol

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Anita Trivedi 23 April 2010

u've very wel crafted dis 1....... its real beuty.......

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Zahir Kijani

Zahir Kijani

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