A Random Poem About My Day In The Life Of My Mind 1.0 (C) 12-09-08 Poem by Zahir Kijani

A Random Poem About My Day In The Life Of My Mind 1.0 (C) 12-09-08

Rating: 3.7

I turn away the diamonds in her blood
To try to guess the texture I really wish I could
It takes a lot in order for me to get the feelin'
To see how a liquid can be the cause of all the killin'
I try to break down the root of the concrete door
But not even the rusty banner on the side tore
I try to make my way as I’m dartin' off to class
But the teacher can’t let me in if I don’t have a pass
I’m wastin' time tryna get my eyes to see right past the light
It’s hard when a bloody diamond shines brighter in the night
Or maybe I’m encompassed by the pleasure of the view
I’m still tryna make it though in minutes I only have few.
Maybe I should skip but that'll result in a detention
But knowing me I won't serve it being the cause of suspension
Then I'll be stuck at home livin in my room
Hopefully I can get away without facing doom
I think I need to sprint in order to be fine
The first bell rang and for some reason a sign
I try to yell the teachers name but no one is replyin'
So now I'm contemplatin' on if I should get to lyin'
The second bell rang only a second from the first
And I think I already have an excuse planned out and rehearsed
The third bell is on the edge and I'm making my entrance
I know I'm just gonna get ridiculed for my poor attendance
But wait I'm in and only by the skin of my teeth
But I still got off scott free so I get to gasp and yell sheesh
* Creator - Me, Maxiro Xeniyah
Copyright 12-09-08 ©® Corey Threet

Cody Fryer 20 April 2010

I liked the fact that this poem can relate to the majority of students nowadays. Great poem 8/10.

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Kendyll Brown 02 April 2010

that was very creative, taking a simple experience an twisting it in to a work of art. Really good poem=)

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lucky pennies 01 April 2010

you'r a great writer, you took a simple experience and turned it into a piece of art

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Kate Hunter 21 March 2010

I love this poem! : D very emotional and creative

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Tug Delk 13 March 2010

very good poem

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Ibrahim Bidu 01 October 2010

I can imagine how it feels like to be in the speaker's shoes

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Sean Mccoy 08 June 2010

I like this one, it seems kind of limited in the printed form. I hope you have had opportunity to read it outloud. It would work as a great spoken word piece.

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Ivy Skies 07 June 2010

You pull me, unseen, your words music on my skin.

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Katherine Wheatley 06 May 2010

GR8! luv da randomosity of it! haha lol

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Anita Trivedi 23 April 2010

u've very wel crafted dis 1....... its real beuty.......

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Zahir Kijani

Zahir Kijani

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