Come Back (C) 3-4-09 Poem by Zahir Kijani

Come Back (C) 3-4-09

Rating: 4.8

In a crowded world where the occupants in it are dull and bland
Eagle sight over the world but still I see you like a diamond in the sand
I'd like to have our relationship completely restart
Give me Cupid's bow so that I can take another stab at your heart
But not like how I did last time I want it to be totally newerly
Tricked by her you are a diamond while she was costume jewelry
I offer myself to you with a heart purer than Poland Springs
And stick with me no matter what I do like the song Kelly Rowland sings
Betraying your trust was worst than losin you putting me in a ward for the insane
For you I'll do anything, become the most wanted and drench my soul in pain
I never wanted us to break away but I'll say that day you had our best interests at bay
I figured today I'd throw my ego away and get out of the fray of my heart bare on a tray
That day I thought I'd just see Madea and you probably just the movie premiere
But I was enticed by your beauty once again as you smiled from ear to ear
I couldn't help but to continuously walk past you in hopes of gaining your attention
But it seems I was successful as it was my hair growth that you mentioned
I know this is something you might not want to hear because you think we could never be
So here I spell out my thoughts in hopes of winning your prize like Akeelah in the Bee
Forever and beyond I can sit here and in my writing comment too
And trust I'll keep our hearts in sync and this I promise you
I'm still in love with you and baby this is a new edition of my mind
For this I say I'm just in love and will be there until the end of time
Sometimes I sit back and wonder if for once in my life love has struck me
Or will I wane and wonder if there's no letting go of being so lucky
Everything about you shows of your beauty all the way down to your name
I write you this letter expressing my feelings and in due time I hope you feel the same

Copyright (c) 3/4/09 Corey Threet

Wednesday, March 4, 2009
Topic(s) of this poem: love lost
Shoshana Green 07 March 2009

I love happy endings, and I see you do too. If I were/are this person to whom you were/are speaking I surely would give it another go...Seems like your ready to settle into a love routine, who knows...Lightning might strike twice and really put on an electrifying (and edifying) show! Good luck in this quest. You're the best part of it so far.

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Myrtle Thomas 08 April 2009

Corey this is a most excellent letter poem, any girl would want a letter like this.It touch my heart as I read it.MOST BEAUTIFUL. A 10

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Silent Speaker 13 April 2009

oh WOW! this poem is filled with such passion and emotion. Great Job.... keep writing :)

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djean Whitney 16 April 2009

This touches my heart, you have such feelings for her she dose not know. hope she will see you love her and are true.

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Kimberly Bellamy 30 April 2009

I give you two thumbs up for this poem. Seriously, this poem is so beautifully written and expressed. It made so much sense. I almost cried towards the end because it is so beautiful. Great chioce of words! ! !

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Diamond Williams 26 May 2010

Thats a good dont find that many men willing to be that deep with their feelings...good job

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Tiffany Ann 09 April 2010

i love this poem it mostly say something that are happen in my life right now. it a sweet poem and i love it thanks for writing it.

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*_sakura ~daisy_* 08 November 2009

this poem is really sweet great job displaying caring emotions^^

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Edna Javelosa 04 September 2009

beautifully let you heart and feelings out in this truly wonderful piece..

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Aldo Kraas 10 June 2009

So far that is one of your best poems You see that when you don't use rhime you poem become more effective

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