E-Lover (C) 6-25-07 Poem by Zahir Kijani

E-Lover (C) 6-25-07

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We spend so much time together even though I've never seen you in life
We talk to each other day and night but not by phone it's by type
We've seen each other before but we're always standing still
People hate me because I love you so; some don't even think you're real
But you'll always remain in my heart and when you're not on I'll always miss
Cause your words are so sweet and I love your looks I wish we can share a kiss
We talk to each other all the time and to see you I beg of you please
I talk to you as if we were side by side though we're across seas
Even though it may be a long time coming till you actually seal the deal
Because I love seeing your beautiful face but why is it standing still
Please come to me so I can love you more forever and all my life
I'll always love you for all eternity my beautiful computer wife

Copyright 6/25/07 ©® Corey Threet

Suad Alajmi 01 August 2007

hi, i really love it... i can say it to many friends: D thanks

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T S 21 February 2009

I can so relate to this Corey you have an amazing talent with words

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Luna Conley 21 February 2009

How sweet, I really enjoyed the last lines. Computer Wife was very cleaver. Nice job.

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Tyease Collins 22 February 2009

OMG this poem is sooooooooo nice. I've definately been there before. I understand that people think it's a waste of time loving someone that's online but it can happen. As strong as a love is it shouldn't matter how far apart you are from that other person when their heart is right there in your hands =] -Tyease

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M A 26 February 2009

been there. i would love to hear the story behind this one, if time permits? ;)

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Darlene Styles 17 April 2010

I can relate too. I love it <3 :))

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Crazy Vampire 24 March 2010

i love this poem! i totally can relate! keep up the good work!

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Meghan Foubare 09 June 2009

LOVE IT! you should write more about this subject.

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Shelby Walters 29 April 2009

Amazing! Do you write from the heart or was that just your imagination?

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Willow Herber 17 April 2009

WOW! it such a wonderful poem.. good jod.. keep it up :)

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