Finder Of The Symbols And Metaphors Poem by sarwar chowdhury

Finder Of The Symbols And Metaphors

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I do not like to click the browser of dark sites. Once i entered. They made me deaf and dumb and fool. I had lost my mind's eye too.

No no i am not talking about carnal desire
The things are made
with various colour shade
to destroy perfumed spirit as like forest fire.

Having a long therapy my mind's and memory's eyes are ok now. I am finding the symbols of love and perfume of metaphors to see smiles of naked mendicants. All of singer birds in the world are wating.

The dawn never ever able to touch the dusk. It is destined.

Chitra - 06 July 2008

good point encapsulated here, with a bit of virtual world involved here nice begining

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Scott Clark 06 July 2008

This is very good. Though I find it hard to understand.

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Patti Masterman 10 September 2009

There is something interesting in here which I could not quite lay hold of, but it has some original concepts I liked.

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Mamta Agarwal 25 September 2008

the dawn never able to touch the dusk, improbable- unique perception. i like the way you have used the metaphor of cyber world. thought provoking.10+

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Anjali Sinha 10 August 2008

'The dawn never ever able to touch the dusk. It is destined. ' A beautiful finale---- thanks for sharing ++++++++10 X anju

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John Thorkild Ellison 13 July 2008

This is very inspiring. You have great talent!

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Lily Law 06 July 2008

hi, sarwar! ! I think it's very creative the way u use the virtual world as a symbol... nice work.... =)

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sarwar chowdhury

sarwar chowdhury

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