I Hate You Mean I Love You Poem by sarwar chowdhury

I Hate You Mean I Love You

Rating: 4.9

Almost everyday.. everymorning.. everyafternoon.. everyevening.. everynight, I receive hates from whom i love. What a lovely colorfull hates comes to me! I enjoy them. Having touched by hates i become flared up and my blood cells dance with hands uplifted.

Hates uncover me
Hates inspire me
Hates excite me
Hates stimulate me
Hates make me creative
Hates make me attentive
I am empowered by hates!
Long live Long live who send hates to me!

And almost everyday,
I hear the nature whispering-
'I hate you mean i love you.'

Mamta Agarwal 03 October 2008

love is ambivalent, we love to hate and hate to love.a paradox- whateverway, it inspires. duality of life.10+ Mamta

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Ashraful Musaddeq 12 September 2008

I hate this poem, coz I love this poem. The realation between hate and love is beautifully explained here, great job done. Now to us the distance between hate and love became narrower. So 10 for it.

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Shilesha Johnson 05 September 2008

wow what a powerful poem. this was so good. i liked your attitude. you don't really mind what people feel towards you. you are so positive. love this poem.

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Anjali Sinha 25 August 2008

So beautiful sarwar---u make the negatives so positive. So I can confidently say that i hate you---coz I know then that you will love me more+++++++++10 regards anjali

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Anna jonson 24 August 2008

waaaw.... good poem..10 from me

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Prof. Dr. Sakti Chakravorty 16 September 2009

Aye! ! Poet Sir, A cuisine of hate nicely cooked. Indeed an ‘ugly-beauty’ Ten++ PS Finish was paradoxical... fine twist! Wow! ! Cheers dr. sakti

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from the bottom of the heart! ! ! I like it so much! hate is a resource of power of love too....... nice philosophy! ! !

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Crystle Jones 22 July 2009

truely one of my favrites. to hate is to love. to hurt, is to learn. everything in life is no more but a lession. weither we choose to learn from them, or to allow them to destroy us, that is only our decision. very remarkable and clever.

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Miriam Maia Padua 12 December 2008

a piece written from heart...with no hatred inside...all love..nothing but love...to love those who hates us...is a gesture of humility...he himself is humble...and it is what he wants to reach his readers.....to make the best out of hates....to see the positive outcome of it....you a positive thinker my friend..wont let negative things bring you down...more power....more writes.....Allah be with you always....10+++ and my vote.....

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Little Hatila ;) 04 October 2008

what a lovely poem...very beautiful....good luck with your writing... Hataw

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