Fireworks Poem by Kewayne Wadley


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When I stare into your eyes,
Oh, Those bright beautiful eyes.
I see a place I belong.
So vividly.
This place where stars shoot pass
Leaving their twinkle upon your lips.
Inviting me to become a part of your world.
The fuses that burst into bright lights.
Spreading through the sky.
Bright hues of Red Purple and Yellow.
A sunrise of ultra violet colors in perfect spectrum.
For all we could do is stare in awe
Your hand in mine.
I stared into those bright colorful eyes and just stood.
I smile now thinking about the sounds that left nothing to the imagination.
The overhead light show that made the sun jealous with each look I took inside them.
The warmth I can still feel.
Tasting my lips, as I tasted yours under our homemade moon.
But like all fireworks.
They soon extinguish into infinite nothingness
as the momentary joy is over.
Now days when I see you I still smile.
As I Rather you just turn your back.
Pretending I didn't exist as an memory soon to fade

Monday, October 26, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: eyes,love,me against myself,memoir,sad love
Shakil Ahmed 26 October 2015

beautiful love poem with deep meaning, i enjoyed reading the poem, thanks for sharing, , if you find time please read some of my poems and leave your comments.

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Kewayne Wadley

Kewayne Wadley

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