Flies Flies Flies* Poem by Adeline Foster

Flies Flies Flies*

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. Flies Flies Flies*

Close the door lest the flies come in.
“Nay, ” said the good-wife who wasn’t thin,
“They’re buzzin’ all over the ceilin’ and floor.
What’s the use to close the door?

“Take that there, ” and she waved the brand
Of the flyswatter flapping in her hand.
“I must’ave hit a thousand or more
And still they’re comin’ through the door.

“The men are huntin’ out in the fields.
What care they what their doddlin’ yields,
Or the hinge is crooked an’ the screen is tore;
‘Tain’t no use to close the door.

'Bloodthirsty brutes, the bloomin’ lot.
Needless killin’ an’ a bottle o’ sot.
Na’ry a one knows what they’re for:
To mend the screen and fix the door.

“Look’y there, that one’s not dead.”
So she hit him again, smack on the head,
And the flies piled up on table and floor,
While more came swarming through the door.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013
Topic(s) of this poem: humor
*Written while my daughter was chasing a fly.
In answer to my comment in the first line,
she replied, “Why? I’m having fun.”
Heather Wilkins 24 July 2013

I had to smile with this one. smacking flies. yuck I don't like them either

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Ramesh Rai 01 August 2013

a funsome write to make a smile.a nice piece

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Smoky Hoss 05 August 2013

Very good, and much fun. A great humorist and poet you certainly are. Thanks for the smiles.

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A Michaelle Yarbrough 06 August 2013

I truly enjoyed reading this poem. It is well written and has a nice flow. The humor was an added bonus. Thank you for sharing.

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John Brown 08 September 2013

Brilliant poem. I love it.

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Bri Edwards 02 September 2013

very nice. thanks for sharing. a few flies in the soup rarely hurt anyone 'cept the flies. thanks for sharing. love the rhymes! ! ! bri :)

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Jodie Hardy 27 August 2013

Very topical at the moment. A great poem about my least favourite subject, blooming flies, flies, flies xxx

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Barry Jablonski 11 August 2013

Very Nice....Good Narrative & Story.....

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Sina Farajzadeh 08 August 2013

Very nice poem. I like the way you narrated the poem. hehe. It's exciting coincidence, cuz today I covered the door of my room with a curtain in order to stop flies from coming in. I didn't shot the door cuz it gets so warm and don't like fan. Well, Lemme tell you a story. Aday a person went to God and asked: Why did you creat flies? They are useless and bothering me all the time! God replied: You are coming and complaining this today! But flies come to me and complain everyday and say why I created humans. They are useless and bothering the flies! hehehe. Anyway I liked your poem. I hope You'dcomment on my poems too. Thanks

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Adeline Foster

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