Memory Is A Cheating Thing Poem by Adeline Foster

Memory Is A Cheating Thing

Rating: 4.7

Memory is a cheating thing-
It only strives to please,
And over bitter clouds creates
A shimmer to deceive.

Memory is a kindly thing-
It drops curtains on the past;
And through the layers of gauze is seen
Brave figurines of glass.

Chitra - 17 January 2010

well said, a novel stand on the gossamer of memories!

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Beauty Philosophy 04 September 2009

A nice poem conveying wise thoughts.

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Janice Windle 26 July 2009

I like your take on the intentions of Memory personified - is it telling white lies? Drawing a merciful veil over painful experiences in the past?

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Lynn Glover 07 July 2009

Adeline: Another great poem. I must confess as i age memory becomes blurry and fuzzy except for the distant past. Very good write I loved it Lynn

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Michael Edmondson 16 May 2010

Memory should never be allowed in a court room.

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Roseann Shawiak 12 January 2016

We do cheat life when suffering, by remembering the good things that have happened in our lives, helping us to deceive ourselves. Figurines of glass are broken or fractured when our memories start to fail. Really great poem, it says so much as it falls into our minds and memories. Thank you for sharing. RoseAnn

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Kelly Kurt 17 March 2015

Your description is apt I wish you could have gone further into this subject that bewilders, bemuses, stifles and confuses us all.

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Claude H Oliver Ii 01 February 2014

Maybe yes, maybe no. Well said.

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Lonnie Hicks 12 December 2012

I like this one Adeline. Most times I don't do requests for reads. I am not here for that. But you my dear are special.

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Shahzia Batool 02 June 2012

As a poem, it is short, packed with thoughts and concentrated, with two definitions of memory: a cheating; n a kindly thing...this is a pleasurable indulgence in the willing self-deception...there are so many pains; n there are so many abstract sources of healing...i think, when we enter the memory world, it drops curtains on the present, though for a while...

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Adeline Foster

Adeline Foster

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