Flight Of The Runaway Kite Poem by Dawn Novus

Flight Of The Runaway Kite

Through the tumultuous night the storm reigned

The kite I held so tight caught away on the winds

The strings garrulous things fell away never seen again

But the eye was calm and warm, the eye of this kite stealing storm

A quiet whisper said..."Let it go to the sky...

Let you trust that quiet whisper inside'.

Unfettered and free its undulating rhythm heaven sent

These words dancing pirouettes weaving in through me

These lines casting high silhouettes weaving all through me...

Stirring a cause upon the river eternity

Causing a stir upon my ambiguity

Anointing inside, beats the heart and brights the eyes

A sound so soft like harp that strums succinct on golden tide

So anyone that hears is touched with deepened love for the word

And that agitating grit of sand becomes a pearl

Endows you, clothes you in all its fine bright clean ways

Imbued in all manner of songs and verses be the ingots that save

My pen I shall bless for the flight on the storm

Of the unfettered ink heart kites chains that were torn

Mediocrity slips under itself and melts into a memory

Into hallowed magenta brocades of inter-stellar star bursts

An ancient and eternal love as fresh as an opening rose

The dew kissed perfection beauty in its petals composed

Sonnet even the butterfly that lands upon it knows

And just like a sun-shower in the heat of summers daze

Plumps the nature of life back from dry arid waste

To the eye that bears witness, the runaway ink kite

Caught up in the storm and carried along the winds of night

Through the maze of fear and doubt and out into the sun

Other kites now cut their chords as they see what can be done

Right up into the stratosphere you take your flight of free

Where beauty knows no boundaries and love's the air you breathe

Monday, June 25, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: free mind,kite,love and dreams
Thomas Plotz 26 September 2018

Let you trust that quiet whisper inside - Except at time the voice does lie, then steers you to a different end; so my Sisters and Brothers you must choose wisely. Superb poem. Thank you.

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Irfanulla Shariff 08 July 2018

Wonderful imagery. Beautifully written. I enjoyed reading it.

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Edward Kofi Louis 02 July 2018

Calm and warm! ! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.

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Kumarmani Mahakul 25 June 2018

Stirring a cause upon the river eternity amazes mind. Wonderful poem is very brilliantly and excellently penned here. Dew kisses perfection and petals motivate mind. An amazing poem is very brilliantly penned. Kite takes interesting runway...10

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Michael Eziudo 25 June 2018

Awwwww. I held my heart as I read through this. I just am speechless. It's beautiful. Well done

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