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Rating: 4.9

tiny running ant
what perfect purpose you have
eluding myself


another morning
of impetuous traffic
fueled by coffee cups


intersecting eyes
turning away stroking hair
already perfect


chasing lost moments
behind the ice cream parlor
the old tree, alas!


now is but today
yesterday arrived too soon
I should know better


a strange audience
searching for something to see
sharing a bus ride


respite from the sun
the mountain peak is still far
in the shady cove


urban morning birds
reminding when all has passed
nature still prevails


ice melting away
upon the pouring vodka
adiós baby


haiku conductor
unfolding right hand fingers
counting syllables


spaghetti westerns
satisfy a loneliness
starting 3 a.m.


estuary bathers
child pointing at the water
look a jellyfish!


we fall
on ourselves


don't go
with me


the ocean dances
to that eternal song
conducted by the summer wind


departing is
arriving at
something else

Sarah Moore 01 February 2008

beautiful, i love short poems

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Marvin Brato 15 February 2008

Splendid work... it depict day to day interaction of man with the environment! Lots of lessons learned from these kinds of poetry. Great job Nomi! A 10.

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Kyle Shield Laster 08 July 2008

your haikus are great. i've only written one. 'Blooming Gloom'. its okay. keep writing! !

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anurag duggal 15 June 2008

nice poem great rythm and feelins......

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Edward Wright Haile 05 April 2008

Not sure why you say WIP. Estuary is spelled wrong. Why should th number 17 mean anything in English, especially at the sacrifice of sense, leaving out 'at' bef 3 a. m. But these are very satisfying and some are very good. When my syllables burst the box and become poems I just call em 'high coos'.

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Aashish Ameya 21 March 2008

good collection of Haikus..i like all

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Riquetta Elliott 21 February 2008

This a very excellent poem you wrote. It shows what a man see in the environment.

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