For Government To Be Fair! Poem by Eric Cockrell

For Government To Be Fair!

Rating: 3.5

for any government to be fair,
every citizen has to be
just as important as every other.
every citizen has to have equal rights,
whether black or white,
rich or poor, gay or straight.
whether they believe in the same god,
in another, or in none.
whether they speak english,
or another language.
whether they are educated,
or not!
every citizen has to have an equal chance,
for employment, for education,
for housing, for love and happiness.
and every citizen has to respect,
both himself, and others...
this government should be
a government by the people...
any leader should be from among the people.
government, small in tether,
large in affirmation!
we're not anywhere close to this in America!

we have been sold out by our own greed,
and have chosen in our apathy to follow the lie.
now it's come to a head!
what we do next determines if democracy works.
what we do next defines our level of humanity.
call it democracy, call it socialism,
it doesnt matter what you call it.
what it has to be is redemption...
what it has to bring, is freedom!

Salma 26 September 2019


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Brian Jani 19 June 2014

What you wrote is yearned by many but unfortunately the reality is quite the opposite

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Kevin Patrick 25 March 2012

Another great rallying call Mr Cockrell, it makes me wish the occupy wall street had created greater momentum than just fading out into a wimper, some times it feels like the only means of redemption is to suffer the consequences of our nations inactions. You must do these in your sleep

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Dave Walker 25 March 2012

All so true, a fantastic poem.

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