Ashes Poem by Eric Cockrell


Rating: 4.0

it took ashes...
for me to draw
a picture of your living
in black and white...

yet containing all
the colors of your being...

it took ashes...
for me to lay down
all my wants and desires,
and the fear of losing you...

it took ashes...
for me to quit pretending
that this kingdom
is invincible...
and this island will remain...

it took ashes...
for me to taste
death's lips and
still surrender to
each naked tick of living...

it took ashes...
for me to be
honest with myself...
to let go of the reins,
and stand free

on the shore of tomorrow!

it took ashes...

Pearl Lilypad 21 August 2011

Though I tend not to like poems about the 'big subjects' I enjoy works by this poet for their imagy quality, structure, and seasoned outlook. The technique of repetition works very well in this case. Insistence can be very moving.

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Jim Troy 21 August 2011

My Great Friend there is nothing quite so beautiful as seeing an open heart and a special honor to be invited to take a look.. Thank you for it.... I feel the powers of the love entwined in your artful telling and share the feelings with you in this one...... Thank you Eric for this one..... quite a painting

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Kevin Patrick 12 May 2019

One of the best wordsmiths on this site, you could pack in one line what it would take someone else an entire page. Long for the day of your return.

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Sally Plumb Plumb 04 July 2015

Wnderful piece of work.

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An orderly and organized kind of poem. Wonderful poem

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Smoky Hoss 22 August 2011

What a wonderful dialectic bit of poetry you have here created. I thoroughly enjoy it. From reading several of your poems I must compliment you as a wonderfully dauntless poet of the highest caliber. Beautiful writing! I truly look forward to reading many more of your masterpieces.

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Patti Masterman 21 August 2011

Ok two things here: 'each naked tick of living'- could I steal that line from you? Just kidding! It's a monumental line- I'm so in awe of you. Second thing- you could lose that last repetition of 'it took ashes..' if you are so inclined, because I think the line above is a better closing; 'the shore of tomorrow'; it's the perfect ending, to my way of thinking. Anyway it is a really beautiful piece of work, my hats off to you!

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